Ultimate Guide To Proper Rat Care

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of mistakes being made when it comes to proper rat care. This is due to myths being perpetuated on a number of communities, sites, and groups online. It always pays to remember that a lot of rat sites are not updated regularly and could be based on old information or incomplete research that has been studied in more detail today. A trivial mistake you make every day can lead to a major health problem for your pet. Save yourself from an overwhelming feeling of regret by clarifying the doubts you may have from your vet and participating in more active groups.

These are some mistakes commonly observed in households having rats. Make sure you are not repeating the same!

rat care

  1. Mixing Rat Food: By far, this is the most common mistake when it comes to taking care of rats. Some owners believe that it is a good idea to be mixing rats’ food and are of the opinion that it is a healthier and more nutritionally complete alternative. Firstly, rats will always selectively feed. They will prefer food they like and avoid the ones they do not. Therefore, the meal will ultimately not be a balanced diet.  There is also the issue of knowing the precise macro and micro nutrient requirements of rats and calculating the same into grams or even micro grams.
  1. Not Taking Them To The Vet: Rats are quite self-sufficient pets in nature but never taking them to a veterinarian’s office is a big no. Two types of checkups are recommended for these pets.  First and foremost, you should give them a basic health check on your own every week. The duration may not seem like a lot, but it is quite a long span for a rat. A lot of things can go wrong within a week. Check for lumps, skin issues, porphyrin and carefully observe breathing patterns. If your rat is displaying any symptoms of illness, you should immediately take it to the vet. Catching a disease at its root will prevent a lot of suffering for your furry friend and increase chances of curing it.
  1. Cleaning Cages Daily Is Crucial For Proper Rat Care: Although you do not need to deep clean the cage every day, spot cleaning daily is important. Ammonia builds up fast which can cause respiratory issues. Male rats are particularly prone to bladder infections which can be caused by dragging their genitalia across a dirty cage or feces. Look for easier and faster ways to clean the cage. Invest in one that is easy to maintain even when you do not have a lot of time.

Remember, if you are not the one who is looking into the well being of your pet no one else will. Adopting a rat comes with the primary responsibility of giving them the best rat care. Taking out some time to do the same will keep your pet healthy allowing you to have more fun with them!