Tips To Avoid That Stinky Home: Handling Pet Odor

Pets are your family and you love them like one, isn’t it? However, you have to face the fact that the favorite animals of yours bring some kinds of smells along with them. Starting from bad breath to litter boxes or just the normal pet odor, the various types of animal funks can make you reluctant of inviting guests over. Regardless of the fact that you have a well-decorated house, your guests are only going to remember the odor of your pets. Well, there is nothing to worry about as these handy tips can help you in handling pet odors quite efficiently.

Tips How to handle pet odor

handling pet odor

House Cleaning: This is an obvious one. Mopping, dusting, washing fabrics and vacuuming are some of the vital tasks that you must do on an everyday basis for dealing with pet odor.

Keep Your Pets Clean: Frequent grooming and cleaning of your pet starting from brushing to baths can really have a great impact on controlling odors at home. Little things like tooth brushing and nail clipping can also help. If your pet is a little difficult candidate then you might take the help of grooming service to keep it clean.

Clean All The Stuffs Of Your Pet For Handling Pet Odor: Not only must you keep your pet in tip-top condition but also make sure to maintain all their accessories. Clean their cages, dishes, toys, animal bedding, and litter boxes every week.

Floor De-Odorizing: Before you vacuum your carpets, sprinkle some baking soda on them so that trapped odors get absorbed while cleaning. Use harder surface like laminate, wood or tile to cover your walls.

Air Out The House: Make sure you keep your doors and windows open for at least ten minutes even during the colder months. This improves the air quality of your house to a great extent.

Replace Your Filters: You must change the filters at your home at regular intervals. Clean the air ducts periodically to make sure that the house smells good.

Take Good Care Of The Furniture: It is better if you do not allow your pets on the furniture but if you have to then choose the furniture wisely. Go for leather rather than fabric which is much pet-friendly. Metal is much easier to maintain in comparison to wood and it is durable as well.

Clear Pet Messes As Fast As Possible: Any solid waste must get picked up and thrown into the garbage. You need blotting the mess so that the extra moisture gets absorbed. Use an enzyme cleaner to spray on the mess and leave it there for thirty minutes. Using rags or cloth you need to blot that area and then air dry it. Whenever you notice feces, urine, and vomit of your pets, clean them up immediately as they are the vital reasons of smells in the house.

You can also try sealing the walls and floors of your house to control pet odor. Painting and priming can help you a lot in handling pet odor. If you find that a strong pet odor lingers in your house even after trying several things, then take the help of professionals who are expert in the field.