Things to Know Before Keeping Homing Pigeons as Pets?

Columbia livia domestica, more commonly known as homing pigeons, are pets, which require extra care and skill to maintain. Keeping homing pigeons as pets is common for people who are prepared to invest some extra time and care to them. Homing pigeons are exclusively trained pigeons with an inbuilt ability to return to their owners. People achieve this through training and breeding the pigeons in a proper manner. Other breeds of pigeons that are similar to homing pigeons are messaging pigeons and racing pigeons.

Information about Keeping Homing Pigeons as Pets

Keeping homing pigeons as pets

If you want to pet homing pigeons, you need to keep the following points in mind:

  • How To Care For The Pigeon: Buy a loft for your pigeons, or build one yourself before they arrive. The lofts should have sufficient ventilation, space for food and water, and configurations, which protect them from predators. As soon as you buy them, introduce the homing pigeons to the loft. Feed your pigeons twice a day with seeds, nuts, and grains, and provide them with plenty of clean water. Depriving them of food may lead to their flight. Keep the lofts clean and check on the pets from time to time. Pigeons need ample amounts of protein and energy.
  • How To Groom The Pigeons: Trim your pigeon’s nails when they grow too long. Smoother the overgrown tips of their beaks. Leave a bath bowl in the loft for them to take a dip in, once in a while. You can also mist them every alternative day to make sure they keep clean.
  • How To Train Your Homing Pigeons: Begin training your pet pigeons to home when they are around six weeks old. You will require a lot of patience and consistency while training them. Make sure to train them regularly. At the same time, do not forget to keep their lofts filled with sufficient food and water.
  • Build Another Home For Your Pigeons: Instead of training your pigeons only to come back to its home loft after you release them, consider building a second home for it at a distance from its original home. Make sure that both lofts have food and water. Pigeons require an incentive to come back to its home instead of flying away.

Homing Pigeons Make Intelligent Pets

Keeping homing pigeons as pets is a good choice. You can train them for various bird racing events as well as teach them how to send messages to other people. With the right care and affection, you will be able to raise some of the most extraordinary and talented pets for yourself. Make sure to take good care of them and take them to a certified veterinarian in case they fall sick or somehow injure themselves while flying. Once trained, these lovely birds are sure to come home after you release them.