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Privacy Policy as Part of the Terms and Conditions: We give utmost importance to our Privacy Policy. It is a very important aspect of the terms and conditions. If a matter of divergence occurs, the Privacy Policy terms will be given preference.

Video/Audio Content: The videos, as well as the audio content on the website, are an essential part of serving our purpose of sharing quality information. We are elaborating the liabilities and our rightsfor the usage of our audio and video content below.

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The information on this website is shared as it is and as available but it does not give any guarantee of results. The usersare wholly responsible for taking any course of action or for the decision they pursue after viewing the content. We do not guarantee that this website will stay active oropen for access all the time. Neither do we assure to fix the errors to meet every expectation of individuals or all visitors.

If the users of this website act upon the advice and suggestions they find on this website, they themselves must take responsibility for it. We do not guarantee the correctness, relevance or gaining complete results from the information displayed on this website and, therefore, wedeny responsibility for anydamage or loss that might occur. If you are unable to act according to these conditions of using this website, we advise that you proceed with caution.

Obscenity and Offensive Acts

We take no responsibility in the event that you face any kind of offensive or obsceneact or come across such contentwhen on this website. If you find yourself in such a situation, you can contact us at sales (@) metadigs (.) com and even though we are not obliged to do this, we will perform an investigation and do what is necessary.

Policy Regarding Spam

We only send emails to the subscribers of this serviceand they are free to unsubscribe anytime they want. We do not send Unsolicited Commercial Emails to our website users. You are welcome to contact us at sales (@) metadigs (.) com regarding any additional information about this issue.

Material/Product/Service Connection

The products and services on this website are of great use an provide usefulinformation, however, the users are advised to act discreetlybefore purchasing any of the products and services listed on the website.

Material Connection

In case not specifically stated, it is a matter of understanding that the owner of the website has a material connection with the product sellers and service providers which lead to various services and products getting referred to in the information that is shared.

Recommendations Based on Trust and to Help

Recommendations relating to services and goods that you find on this website have the sole purpose of helping buyers make better choices. These recommendations are derived from the personal experience of the website owner as a user or the researches done by the providers. This research depends on thetrust of the website owneron the integrity of the providers when they share their opinions.

Need of Due Diligence

There might be some cases where the owner of the website recommends products and services from some specific providers as a token of business goodwill or in return for compensation. Since the website’s owner would be biased when recommending such things, the users of this website must be cautious while making use of the recommended services or products.

Disclosure of Compensation

The owner of the website might receive products, money or services from multiple providers as compensations solely for making recommendations. There could also be compensations for the owner from the actions of the user like clicking on links to the providers’ website or buying from the affiliated partners in marketing.

Hypertext Links to External Sites

This website is not involved in the endorsement of products, services, and views offered by external websites that it shares links to. We do not claim responsibility for updating, accuracy, and relevance of the content that these websites make available. Its sole purpose is to provide additional information to the user. We advise our users to properly understand the terms and conditions put forward by the external sites. It is our right that wecan remove or update any external link while checking for outdated and broken links.

When we choose to market our affiliates, they are required to sign a written agreement beforethey can provide any links us from their own websites. The links on our website will be termed invalid if they disagree with the terms and conditions affiliated with the program.

Health Disclaimers

Health-related services and products get displayed on this website very often. We also share advice and recommendations related to health. However, we do this for educational purposes only and we do not guarantee any kind of results when using acting on them.

We would like to point out that the suggestions and advice relating to health on this websitedonot substitute professional health advisers, medical data, facts and information on treatment. As the user, you are advised not to rely only on what you find on this website to make decisions regarding your mental or physical health. Always consult a medical professional.

You are advised not to follow any kind of methodology, product, or activitythat we mention in our website’s content based on your own judgment. If you do so, we will not be responsible for the outcome or the loss and damage that might result from it.

We strive to offer updated and accurate medical information as far as possible. But the users are still advised not to rely solely on the contents of this website and always check for accuracy, completeness, and timelinessof the content shared. Our team, the owners, our employees, and the suppliers cannot be held responsible on account of any injuries resulting from the actions of the user after viewing the content. The user is responsible for his or her own actions.

Earning, Business, and Profits Disclaimers

As long as it is stated explicitly, we offer no warranties,promises, projects or schemeson our website with the intention to help you make an income or profit from it. You are advised to go through the disclaimers given below.

Making money online is subject to risks. Losses are bound to occur. If you are making use of any money making opportunity from this website then you are doing it after completely understanding that it could cause you a loss and you might gain nothing from that endeavor. Our website is not responsible in case such a thing ever happens.

Please take note that certain words are important like ‘anticipate’, ‘expect’, ‘estimate’ and other words like these in the statements that denote an indefinite outcome which you might find in this website’s content relating to money making schemes online. You incomes are subjected to many factors as such and we are not responsible for any undesirable results.

This website’s content should not be taken literally without consultation with professional experts. We are not responsible for any damage or losses caused by opting for such opportunitieson our website. Please evaluate the business opportunities before proceeding.

Testimonials and Case Studies

The case studies and testimonials that you find here on this website are derived from experiences of individual persons and must not be taken as a general idea. Different people have different experiences so there is never a guarantee of a particular outcome.

Providers and manufacturers provide the specific results from different services, products, and activities. We are not responsible for the authenticity of the information provided and advise the users to use their own judgment for any decision.

The results vary for any type of business or income opportunities. Testimonials do not assure the same results for every individual and this website will not be accountable for any variance.

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