Teaching Your Cat to Do Tricks the Smartest Way

Although it is a bit tricky, training a cat to do the smart tricks isn’t something impossible. Domestic cats generally possess independent spirits with varied personalities. Teaching your cat to do tricks would require disciplined regimen and unique approach. You need to think of your feline pet as a companion and it would require a positive approach to teach your cat the specialized tricks you want.

Teaching Your Cat to Do Tricks the Smartest Way

The article below shares some essential basics to help you guide your kitty the right way. Have a look!

Teaching Your Cat to Do Tricks

  • Make Use of Cat’s Natural Intention: Get to know your cat well before you teach it a specific trick. The ability of cats to learn tricks is solely based on their natural habits. If it has the tendency to roll over and stretch on the floor naturally, it would easily pick up gestures related to it without much effort.
  • Repeat, Repeat, And Repeat: Training your pet cat requires a lot of patience. Before mastering them with the trick you want, like showing how to shake hands, you need to place your cat’s paw on your hand and repeat this gesture over and over again. This repetitive practice would eventually let your cat pick up the trick you want it to learn.
  • Use Hand Motions And Words While Teaching Your Cat To Do Tricks: While teaching your cat tricks try to get interactive using words and hand gestures. When you say it to sit, you should be vocal as well as use your finger for a proper demonstration. When you want it to shake hands with you, you should stretch out your palm and place its paw o yours and shake it to let them understand what you want.
  • Do Not Give Up: It may at times be tiring and can be a lengthy process to teach your cat the desired tricks. It may be as long as six months or longer to teach a cat a specific trick. However, do not lose patience. Get steady and slow. It is almost like training a canine fellow. But once it learns a trick, it is sure to impress you for a lifetime.
  • Reward Them and Show Off! Once your cat learns a trick, record it and show it off to your guests and friends. Encourage it with its performance and reward it to show that you are a proud cat owner.

While teaching your cat to do tricks, never use punishment to discipline it. It would only worsen the situation and may induce behavioral and stress problem in your cat. Training should always be done with a positive reinforcement whether you wish to train it yourself or hire a cat trainer.