Suitable Plants For Cat Garden

It becomes a serious problem when your cat starts ravaging your beautiful garden filled with your favorite plants. Cats are curious, they love to delight themselves with pawing, scratching and gnawing plants and herbs. And honestly, you can’t stop them. To satisfy your cat and save your plants, you may opt for some amazing plants for cat garden.

Plants For Cat Garden

There are several plant and herb varieties considered healthy for cats. Some are tasty and are even considered good for providing better digestion and nutrition. Some exclusive, tasty plants safe for cats are discussed below.

Plants For Cat Garden

  • Catnip: This plant belongs to the mint family and has quite a reputation for being the favorite plant for cats. This plant, although, has some intoxicating effects, affects only about half of feline population. There are many cats who may not love catnip, and they would sure let you know. This plant requires easy gardening and can drive your cat with delightful frenzy.
  • Cat Thyme: Cat thyme is an excellent stimulant for your feline pet and is an ideal substitute for those cats who do not like catnip. This plant is only flowers in the summer season and is blessed with rich, aromatic pink flowers.
  • Valerian: This plant has a very soothing and calming effect both on you and your cat. The plant gives a clustered white bloom that attracts the pollinators and is also excellent for cat stimulation. It triggers similar response to catnip and can be your cat’s favorite. This plant is considered safe for cats.
  • Lemongrass: Mildly stimulating, lemongrass offers similar benefits just like other cat-friendly grass varieties. Lemongrass would suit both you and your cat, and you can delight yourself seeing your cat gnawing some lemongrass fondly. Easy to grow, lemongrass can be cultivated outdoors or indoors.
  • Cat Grass: Cat grass is not any specific grass variety but includes several cat-friendly kinds of grass like oat, barley, and wheat grasses. They might not be as popular as catnip, but many cats are fond of these grass varieties and love to munch on them occasionally. Cat grass varieties provide exclusive nutrients which otherwise are not frequently found in regular cat foods. They also aid in hairball issue and improve digestion. Easy to cultivate, they are good options to support your kitty’s health.
  • Spider plants: Widely popular with domestic cats, Spider plants are excellent with cats. It is a beautiful looking house plant and grows in the garden without much effort. If this plant is present in your garden, your cat would prefer it rather than anything else.
  • Mint: Cats get attracted by the smell of mint plants. Easy to cultivate, this plant is a favorite choice for cat munching and gnawing.

You can choose plants for cat garden that would delight you as well as your pet cat. With suitable plants and herbs in your garden, your cat would grow healthy and happy.