We made your privacy our priority. We collect your information, use it and safeguard it carefully at PetSectors.com. We believe that you completely understand, agree and accept to its terms and conditions at the time of visiting and using the website. You must read carefully how we collect and use your personal information believing you agree on the same.

Legal Age

Minors below 18 are suggested to involve parents or guardians before using the website and sharing any type of information with us. Our website does not take responsibility for any outcomes that result from minors using its information in any possible way.

Privacy Policy as Important Part of General Terms and Conditions

Our website is governed by a set of terms and conditions. Our privacy policy is a vital part of these terms and conditions. We want you to read and agree to all the terms and conditions.

Information Collected

Like other online sites, our website automatically collects particular information about your browser, IP address, operating system and other websites you visit before and after being there on ours. Not only this, our website can also track your session with us by keeping cookies on your computer system. Through this, we want to improve your experience with us. You can deny the cookies stored on your computer by changing your browser settings.

To collect more information, we use your email communication, posts, and comments on our website. If you select to disallow us from doing this, you may not get proper access to few of our website’s features. If our website indulges in offering products or services at any time, we need to have information such as payment and transaction details, contact information, billing address and so on.

How is the Information Used?

The particular information we collect from you helps us in operating our website and all its activities in a better way. From contacting you on new updates to handle all your disputes and to aid troubleshooting, the information gives us a free hand which eventually improves our relationship with you.

We abideby our strict policy of not to share your personal information with the third party except in certain situations. We abide by the government policies and law to share any information to help investigation during any type of legal or illegal happenings. We also give your private information to advertisers for various marketing and promotions.

You would always be notified if we provide the information to the third party. We make sure that your information is only used in a restricted manner and not shared further with any other parties. If in any case the website is sold, all the information would directly transfer to the new owner it would no longer stay in our control.

Information about Login

You can get access to the website only by having a unique username and password. We highly recommend you to keep your password private and safe. You must logout before exiting the website. To access other websites, you may choose to reopen and close the browser.

Third Parties

You must carefully check our suppliers’ list. We recommend not to share your information with third parties who are not on our list. It is suggested to first refer to their particular privacy policy then decide to share information.

Communication via Email

Email communication with our website can be done using auto responders. You would find a link in each email sent by our auto responder system, using which you can always opt-out of these communications at any time.

Changes in Policy

Any type of change in our privacy policy would show on the site’s homepage. If you face any issue, you can directly contact us. We will drop your already existing information from there.

Do You Have Any Concern about Privacy Policy?

You may directly contact us at sales (@) metadigs (.) com for any query, question or concern and we will get back to you at the earliest.