Interesting Facts and All About Taking Care Of Eastern Box Turtles

The eastern box turtle or as Terrapene Carolina Carolina is usually of 5-7 inches in length. It consists of a hard dome shaped structure in its upper region which is usually of a dark color, preferably brown or black. There may also be dark areas on the area of the scutes. The back feet usually consist of 4 toes. The male turtles have a brown skin with spots of red and yellow all over. The eastern box turtle care guide would comprise of all these and much more about taking care of an eastern box turtle. Some of the topics that its covers have been discussed by us for your better understanding –

Determining TheSex Of The Eastern Box Turtle

To determine the sex of your eastern box turtle, you need to look out for –

  • Longer and thicker tails in males than the females.
  • Flatter plastrons in females and concave in males.
  • Domed carapace in females and flatter in males.
  • Colorful feet of the males than the females.

It is recommended to determine the sex of your eastern box turtle from the time you bring it home by keeping a male and a female one side by side to understand these negligible differences in a better way.

taking care of eastern box turtle

Life Span

If you are determined to take good care of your eastern box turtle, it might outlive you as well. Generally, eastern box turtles tend to live for 100 years or more, but the ones kept as pets stay alive for 50-60 years maximum. However, if neglected, they might survive just for some 10-20 years at the most. Therefore, taking care of eastern box turtle must be done with diligence and compassion. They are like every other part, just much calmer and content.

Outdoor Pens For Taking Care Of Eastern Box Turtles

If you are keeping an eastern box turtle at home, be very sure to build its pen somewhere outside the house since eastern box turtles prefer outdoors than indoor. Also, you must build a shallow pool near the pen for easy access of the turtles to the pools. For the eastern box turtles, the outdoor climate is much for preferable than the indoor one, hence, they are always kept in the back or front yard of the house. UVB emitting reptile light must also be available at their pens for heat when needed.

Light Balance

If you are keeping the turtle outside, make sure it gets the perfect balance of sunlight and shade, that is, the turtle must not be forced to stay only under warm sunlight but also must be able to take some rest without light beaming above its head.

Water And Food

The shallow water pool must be kept ready at all times for the easy access of your eastern box turtle. Also, during dry days, the pen must be sprinkled with some mist in order to keep it moisturized.

They have all kinds of foods since they are omnivorous in nature. Also, their diet must first and foremost consist of different vegetable, fruits, and grasses. Earthworms, snails, and slugs are also quite their favorite.

Taking care of eastern box turtle is not a mammoth task and you can do it pretty well by following the eastern box turtle care guide. In order to be completely safe, follow these steps and consult your Veterinary.

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