Some Fun Facts about Cats

There are people who despise cats. These are a bunch of some unfortunate people who have no idea what they miss about cats. Cats are great entertainers. Whatever they do makes you feel awesome. If you are unable to see through the cuteness of these mystical feline creatures, then it’s time to modify your thinking. Every action the cat does has a meaning underneath. When it kills a mouse and leaves it on your pillow, it means it has presented you with a gift. Those morning scratches on your face are nothing but the adorable good morning wishes your cat showers on you. When it lies on your laptop, it wants you to take a break and play with it. Get to know about more such amazing facts about cars discussed below.

Some Amazing Facts about Cats to Wonder About

Facts about Cats

  • In the category of the most popular pets in the world, cat shines brightly among the top names
  • Globally, the number of domestic cats exceeds 500 million
  • Humans are associated with cats for almost 10000 years
  • A cat can run at a maximum of 31mph
  • A gang of cats is known as clowder, a female kitty is known as queen or Molly, a male cat is known as Tom, and baby cats are known as kittens
  • Cats are very sneaky in nature and are lethal hunters
  • Cats have exceptional night vision that allows them to see things 6 times better than what human eyes can behold
  • Cats also possess powerful hearing ability and a strong sense of smell
  • Cats dislike water as their fur provide poor insulation
  • Cats can jump up to five times their own height
  • Cats can make over 100 vocal sounds. It is believed that cats evolved their tone of voice to communicate with the humans
  • One amazing cat fact is that they possess a third eyelid known as “how”
  • Just like human fingerprint, each cat’s nose pad is unique
  • Cats love to snooze and on an average, a cat sleeps 16 to 18 hours every day
  • Cats spend a chunk of their time cleaning their coats by licking
  • Kittens start dreaming when they are just a week old
  • Cats cannot taste sweet things
  • Cat’s tail starts vibrating when they are excited to see their owner

Facts about Cats

Regardless of how your cat behaves, owning a pet cat is a wonderful thing. You may be a great owner and shower all your love on your feline friend but you may still be not aware of its hidden and mysterious characteristics. However, if you can get intimate with your kitty and learn to communicate properly, you are sure to explore all its hilarious sides.