Comprehensive Guide To Raise Pigs For Beginners

Keeping pigs as pets has recently become a trend. Celebrities like George Clooney have also joined the list of pig owners. With the variety of breeds to choose from, there is a pet you will surely find adorable. There are mini pigs, micro pigs, tea cup pigs and also pot-bellied pigs. Here is a guide to raising pigs so that you are fully aware of the time and effort raising this adorable pet needs. Remember adopting a pet is a lot more work than just finding them cute on the internet. So we hope when you finally make the decision to bring a pig home, it is a well thought out and researched one

guide to raising pigs

What Are Pigs Like?

Pigs are intelligent and curious pets. This will become a little problematic for you in the future. No matter how hard you try to train them and enforce them to stay in their enclosure. They will find a way to escape it. The satisfaction of breaking one rule is not enough for them. So they will do it time and time again. They also love getting their owner’s attention. So speak to them and scratch them behind the ear to make them happy. They love a good scrub with a brush, so do it after they take a bath or as often as possible.

Mistakes To Not Make

Never slap a pig on the rear or shoulders. They hate it and will be unforgiving to someone who attempts to do that. Moreover, they will sulk for days and weeks after it. They are greedy and voracious eaters. So be careful when you give them their feed. They are omnivores and will eat everything in their sight. If your hand is a little too long inside the trough they will eat it too. You might hear tales of former pig owners losing fingers to their not so adorable pet.

Guide To Raise Pigs Who Are Economically Beneficial

Pigs have very large litters and look after their little ones very well.  If you are looking for a source of extra income, you can consider selling the piglets. They make great work animals because of their excellent smelling abilities. They are ideal pets for smelling out black gold – truffles. They can plow fields that need turning over. Pigs are good foragers for roots and food beneath the ground which they can dig out from amazing depths with their strong snouts.

Pigs are not exactly the first choice when people look forward to adopting pets. They have recently gained popularity due to their cute hybrid varieties. Remember, these animals have been an incredibly helpful pet to farmers for very long. They may not be the most civilized but they can be very intelligent pets. If you give them proper training and follow an expert’s guide to raise pigs, you will soon realize the immense potential your piglet has.