Brilliant And Noteworthy Ways Of Cleaning Fish Tank

If you are a person extremely fond of fishes, you must be having an aquarium or a fish tank. Well, do you know how to clean it well? The hygiene of a fish tank is of utmost importance in order to keep the fishes healthy and safe. If your fish tank comprises unhealthy substances, be sure to run to the Vet every now or then, or witness your fish die a slow death. In order to avoid such mishaps, you must know how to clean the fish tank and protect your beloved fishes. Here are some ways to do so but at first, you would require some cleaning materials –

Cleaning Materials

Your cleaning supplies must be at your beck and call. The supplies are extremely important in order to clean a fish tank. Sometimes, you might fall short of supplies even if you know how to clean a fish tank. Therefore, the supplies are needed to be checked properly in the form of a checklist. This is the very first thing you would be doing –

  • Fresh water for cleaning and replace the old water inside the aquarium. The water must not be more or less than the desired quantity.
  • A bucket which is about 5 gallons.
  • Carbon packets, sponges or cartridges for filtering.
  • A vinegar based solution for cleaning the aquarium, if you are inclined towards home made stuff. Otherwise, aquarium glass cleaners are found in every pet shop.
  • A separate container with full of bleach solution.
  • An algae pad is needed to scrub the glass inside and outside the aquarium.
  • A gravel vacuum. Make sure it is not battery operated.
  • Razor blade made of metal or plastic.

Cleaning Fish Tank With Algae Pad

This job needs rubber glasses to be worn and no use of any type of chemical is tolerated while performing this phase. Also, the algae can be clean from the sides of the fish tank with the help of scrubbing.

cleaning fish tank

Amount Of Water To Change

Changing 15% of the water is okay if you know that your fish is healthy. However, for a sick is, change 50% of the water to avoid any risk.

Gravel Vacuum

How to clean a fish tank in its truest sense? Use a gravel vacuum. The gravels must be cleaned out because they can be unhygienic after some time. Along with them, fish waste and extra food must also be cleaned out of the water to make space for fishes. This, however, requires precision.


The decorations inside the tank must also be cleaned at regular intervals. After some time, the decorations become toxic to the fishes and they tend to hate them too.

Fresh Water Aquarium Salt

After cleaning the fish tank, if you add some fresh water salt, the fishes would live a longer life and not be ruled by diseases. Salts prevent many fishes from dying soon.

In order to adjust your fishes to a cleaner climate, clean the first half in the first week and the next half after 2-3 weeks of cleaning the first half. Cleaning a fish tank is not difficult and highly recommended at good intervals for larger aquariums.

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