5 Basic Steps of Taking Care of Rats in Your Home

Rats are known to be intelligent as well as loyal. A friendly and happy rat makes for a sweet and inquisitive pet. However taking care of rats is an essential step if you want to have a little socializing pet. Their life span does not extend much from 2-3 years and that’ll require your complete dedication towards it. No matter whatever the size of the animal maybe, considering to keeping a pet calls for a lot of homework on your part.

  • Regular Routine: To keep a rat as a pet, there follows certain step which you cannot avoid. These include regular feeding, cleaning the cage, handling and taking your pet to the veterinary clinic when falls sick.
  • Getting To Know Beforehand: If you plan to keep a rat as a pet, it would be extremely beneficial for you if you visit someone who already owns a rat. Spending some time with the pet and the owner will give you some idea about it.
  • Consider Other Pets: If there are other pets in your house you must take note of the immediate steps like introducing your rat to the other animals or keeping it aside from others. If you own a cat, in particular, you must be extra careful when you bring home the rat.
  • Adopt From Breeders: The best way to pet a rat is to adopt them from breeders. A rescuer or a breeder has a greater depth of knowledge about the creature than pet stores and are less likely to have health issues.

Taking Care of Rats by Creating a Safe Home

Taking Care of Rats

  • The Perfect Cage: There are certain details about a right rat cage which should be kept in mind. A large cage with solid flooring is required which should be cleaned every day. The bar spacing should not be more than ¾ inch for a full grown rat and no more than ½ inch for baby rats.
  • Feeding Rats: Provide separate bowls for food and water. Try to provide water through a sipper bottle so that it stays clean and cannot be knocked over by the rats in the cage. Glass bottles are best since the material is non-chewable for rats.
  • Line The Floor With Bedding: Inside the cage, the rats will find it comfortable if soft bedding is provided. Use towel or fleece as they are safe and soft. Pine or Cedar wood shavings can be fatal for your pet when the fumes mix with rat urine. Carefresh is reclaimed safe bedding available for rats which you can opt for.

Keep your Pet Healthy

In spite of all the provisions, you must be vigilant yourself while taking care of rats. Don’t forget to empty the litter box, disinfect the rat toilet with a spray disinfectant and wash the bedding. Keep replacing the food bowl with fresher fruits and vegetables along with compounded rodent food. Buy them little toys, like small stuffed cats, ping pong balls and hammocks to keep up the playful vibe alive in them!